Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nail Polish

Okay, anyone that knows me knows I am "a little" OCD and I LOVE to organize everything. If I can find a way to consolidate and have things neat, and well organized then count me in. I am always on the look out for new and interesting ways and I would like to share what I have done with everyone. If I could organize for a living I would be one happy camper. My first of many posts on organizing is going to be how I came up with a neat way to store my nail polish and the random little things to do your nails. I am by no means saying all these ideas are original but I haven't seen anything like this. I may see something and put a new spin on it but I will always give credit where credit is due. I came up with this idea when S and I were in West Marine. I was bored, I had already looked at everything that I had any interest in and I was following S down the isles when I looked down and saw all different sizes of these plastic containers and although when I saw them I had no idea what I wanted to put in them, i knew I could find something to use them for. I mentioned to S that I may come back a pick a few of these up he asked what I needed them for and I told him I wasn't sure yet. He said he had a few empty ones at home and I could have them. They are actually used for tackle. One night I was sitting down to paint my nails and pulled out a plastic basket that had all my polish just scattered around and the first thing that came to my mind were those plastic fishing tackle containers.
As you can see from the pictures all my polish fits perfectly and they are organized by color as well. Have more polish than I do? They have larger ones or you can use multiple ones. I am so pleased with how this turned out and I am sure I will be using the containers for so many other things. Stay tuned, more to come........