Monday, August 26, 2013

Amazing Weekend!!!

It really was an amazing weekend. Yes, there was the usual house work, yard work, grocery shopping, errands and cooking but there was more. We had really great weather so Saturday and Sunday after we finished our "chores" S, Bella and I would hop in the jeep and go for a ride. Saturday we stayed around the house and drove down the different side streets. We ended up seeing a fawn, buck and doe. They were so beautiful. 

Sunday we decided to take a ride to Topsail Beach, NC which is about a 15 minute drive from our house. 

Standing at this point where the rope is, directly across the waterway and 3 streets up is our home. 

Bella loves to ride. 

The wind in our hair and sun on our face!

S driving. 

The following 5 pictures were taken at North Topsail while we were going over the bridge. 

I got a couple pictures of the ocean while we were driving around South Topsail. You can't really see the ocean well because we were moving, I was holding my camera out of the top of the jeep with one hand and holding Bella with the other. 

I hope everyone else had an amazing weekend as well.