Saturday, October 17, 2015


Well I finally did it! I finally became a certified yoga teacher.  I was so happy when I finished.  I worked really hard and I was so nervous to teach my class.  Why?  I have no idea.  I knew I could do it, I knew no physical harm would come to me, it wasn't life or death yet for some reason I was terrified.  I finally scheduled it and the night before reviewed the class I had planned several times and felt confident.  The entire night I tossed and turned and kept repeating the sequence.  My alarm went off and I started with the doTerra oils and chamomile tea to help with the nerves, yep they were back.  I get to the class after a porch swing pep talk from S and of couse nothing goes as planned.  Long story short I couldn't teach the sequence I had planned so I had to fly by the seat of my yoga pants so to speak.  All in all it turned out well and I received my certificate.  I have been filling in for my teacher for the Saturday class I take and I really enjoy it.  It is perfect for me!  Other than teaching I am working on a couple projects, one being yoga related and I will keep everyone posted.

Today S and I went to Autumn with Topsail.  It is an arts and crafts fair and they had all sorts of things everything from yard ornaments to jewelry, soaps to pottery.  The weather was perfect for it.  They had a band and several food vendors.  We actually ran into my mom and Mark.  It was a nice way to spend the afternoon just walking around outdoors.  We saw a couple things we really liked but once we thought about it we decided we didn't really need it.  There was a lady there that sold necklaces and earings that have little shells in them. Allison got a pair the last time she was here visiting and we went to the farmers market.  When I went to Charlotte for a conference I was able to spend time with Allison and she wore those earings and they were so pretty.  I got a card so I may call and order a pair.  If I do I'll post a picture and her information.  

After we got home we decided to build a fire in the firepit we constructed.  It was cool out so it was the perfect temperature to sit outdoors by a fire.  Our neighbors even came over and sat for a couple hours.  It was such a beautiful evening the stars were so bright, an owl was hooting in the background and the crickets were chirping.  It was just a perfect night.  Bella had fun at first but then she got really cold.  She ended up in a chair covered up with some towels.  

All in all it has been a really nice weekend.  There is still one more day left.  Tomorrow is bagel, beach and bath day for Bella but I think we will skip the beach.  Hey you never know we could change our minds. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Topsail Island NC after the beach Lunch

Today was a beautiful day on Topsail Island, NC.  I have actually gone to the beach (not one we anchor up on when we are out on the boat) for the last three weekends.  My friend Allison came to visit a few weeks ago and we went every day she was here.  A couple days we just took a long walk but a couple days we took our chairs and sat right on the surf where the waves were breaking.p

The last two weekends S and I have gone to the beach on Sunday for a couple hours.  

Just sitting there on the beach, eyes closed, waves rolling on the shore, and the sun wrapping around my body like a warm blanket lulled me into a trance like state.  S found a piece of a sand dollar and I thought how sad, it was probably so beautiful when it wasn't broken.  As I held it in my hand and studied it I realized it was beautiful just the way it was.  I kept it and I am going to add it to my collection.  It just goes to show you everything is beautiful in its own way.  

We saw a little crab on the shore line and he would run away when the waves would roll in.

I just love the water at Topsail, it is so clear and even standing in knee deep water you can see the bottom.

I did play around with some yoga on the beach when I went with Allison and when I was sitting on the beach today I realized I want to offer a class on the beach.

The beach always make me feel so relaxed yet so energized.  It is a wonderful feeling.

Well after we leave the beach we like to stop and get something to eat on the island.  We were going to Hot Diggity Dogz (no I was not eating hotdogs) but last weekend S and I decided we would never go back there.  We were sitting at a table outside and there was a family sitting next to us at another table when a group walked up to the window to place an order.  We heard the owner start yelling at them about brownies and how he doesn't serve brownies and they need to leave.  He went on and on about it.  We (along with the family sitting at the other table) were trying to figure out if he knew them and was just making a joke but we soon got our answer when he walked out and started ranting about it again.  He was on and on about how he paid good money to have his menu signs made and there were no brownies listed and if anyone else asked for a brownie he would basically go off on them as well.  We all just looked at each other because he put us in a very uncomfortable position.  S and I didn't even turn around to look at him or acknowledge him.  What a jerk! So as a result we will never be going back there and I'm pretty sure the other group that was sitting out there won't be going either.  So if anyone is reading this that is planning on visiting Topsail Island NC or lives there and is looking for a place to get something to eat stay away from Hot Diggity Dogz.  After we left the beach today we were trying to figure out where we wanted to eat and we had seen Beach Bunny and many times said we wanted to try it so we did today.

I must say we were very pleased.  Nice atmosphere, clean, good food and great service.  I would highly recommend.  They have burgers, subs, pizza, and appetizers.  Some similar food the the NY Deli on the island but to me much better. S and I really don't care for the NY Deli it always seems a little dirty and the people that work there aren't overly friendly.  

So my yoga teacher training is coming along well.  I just need to teach a class with my instructor observing me.  I have actually taught a couple classes and really enjoyed it.  Now I think I may wait until I sub again and then invite my instructor to that class to observe.  The last time S and I went on the boat we anchored up on an island and I played around with some yoga poses.

I actually played around in the water too.
All in all it has been a pretty great summer so far.  I hope you enjoy. 
Much Love.......

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Yoga Teacher Training Pt. 1

Well I have started yoga teacher training! This is something I have wanted to do for many years. I'm still unsure what I plan on doing once I receive my certification. I go through phases, one day I think I want to teach and the next I don't. I know I really enjoy sharing what I know about yoga (I'm realizing I have so much to learn) with people when they ask questions so maybe teaching is my calling, but check back with me tomorrow I could change my mind again. I have come to realize that if I don't know something I get stage fright. Considering I did pageants, modeled and currently have to speak in front of crowds at work, stage fright was not something I thought I would have to concern myself with. Guess I was wrong. We were doing training exercise where we would instruct the other trainees in sun salutations. The first week my heart was racing, I rushed through just to be done with the process. I felt very uncomfortable with the entire situation my voice even took on a different sound. The next week I went in feeling better. I was ready and then the wrench... The group started practicing as they instructed. When it was my turn I was so busy doing my own practice and dealing with a little stage fright that after starting out strong I ended up with a not so strong finish. I learned I can't do the practice and teach it at the same time.   Maybe after I become more comfortable teaching I would be more comfortable practicing while I teach, but I've learned this isn't always best because as an instructor it is your job to make sure the students are doing things properly. On to week three, I felt more confident and I know the more I do it the easier it will become. I just need to build my confidence. I know this stuff, it's the same stuff I've been doing for years. Key word "doing" not "instructing".  I need to stop overthinking everything. At the end of this brilliant journey I may come to realize it is just that, a journey to help me grow in my practice or I may decide I want to teach. Either way it's going to be a great ride and I will keep you posted. 

Happy New Year!

2014 has come and gone. I sit here pondering my list of New Year Resolutions and what I would like to accomplish in 2015 (I really hate that phrase, it should be more appropriately titled "another list of things I won't do because I'm so busy barely keeping my head above water now as it is). So because I love lists and note books (yes it is a sickness 😳) I will make my Resolutions for this year and make a damn good effort at keeping up with and/or achieving them. I love feeling that satisfaction of marking something off a list. 

Well I must say the year started off with a bang. We had a really bad storm. This is not the typical weather conditions for Wilmington, NC. 

We also ended up with a hurricane. Hurricane Arthur arrived on our coat just in time for the July 4th holiday. 

We were able to go on the boat a few times. It was always such a nice little get away. Bella loved being able to just run on the beach when we anchored up and I loved finding all the cool shells and sand dollars. 
Bella also loved going for rides on the golf cart. Oh yeah we got one of those this year so we could take rides around the neighborhood. It's actually a lot of fun and relaxing. 

I started yoga teacher training and I am really excited about everything this experience will give me. I will keep everyone posted on my progress. 

We had a really nice Christmas. It was wonderful getting to spend time with friends and family. It was even nice enough to take a ride to the beach. 

Mark, mom, S and Bella looking out at the ocean. 

S, Bella and me (I'm doing a little dancers pose😜)

Topsail Island/Surf City NC
Wonderful snowman! How festive. 

So as we go into the new year I wish happiness and love to all. Many good things to come. Hopefully I should be finished with my teacher training, S will be retiring and who knows what else will come our way.