Saturday, October 17, 2015


Well I finally did it! I finally became a certified yoga teacher.  I was so happy when I finished.  I worked really hard and I was so nervous to teach my class.  Why?  I have no idea.  I knew I could do it, I knew no physical harm would come to me, it wasn't life or death yet for some reason I was terrified.  I finally scheduled it and the night before reviewed the class I had planned several times and felt confident.  The entire night I tossed and turned and kept repeating the sequence.  My alarm went off and I started with the doTerra oils and chamomile tea to help with the nerves, yep they were back.  I get to the class after a porch swing pep talk from S and of couse nothing goes as planned.  Long story short I couldn't teach the sequence I had planned so I had to fly by the seat of my yoga pants so to speak.  All in all it turned out well and I received my certificate.  I have been filling in for my teacher for the Saturday class I take and I really enjoy it.  It is perfect for me!  Other than teaching I am working on a couple projects, one being yoga related and I will keep everyone posted.

Today S and I went to Autumn with Topsail.  It is an arts and crafts fair and they had all sorts of things everything from yard ornaments to jewelry, soaps to pottery.  The weather was perfect for it.  They had a band and several food vendors.  We actually ran into my mom and Mark.  It was a nice way to spend the afternoon just walking around outdoors.  We saw a couple things we really liked but once we thought about it we decided we didn't really need it.  There was a lady there that sold necklaces and earings that have little shells in them. Allison got a pair the last time she was here visiting and we went to the farmers market.  When I went to Charlotte for a conference I was able to spend time with Allison and she wore those earings and they were so pretty.  I got a card so I may call and order a pair.  If I do I'll post a picture and her information.  

After we got home we decided to build a fire in the firepit we constructed.  It was cool out so it was the perfect temperature to sit outdoors by a fire.  Our neighbors even came over and sat for a couple hours.  It was such a beautiful evening the stars were so bright, an owl was hooting in the background and the crickets were chirping.  It was just a perfect night.  Bella had fun at first but then she got really cold.  She ended up in a chair covered up with some towels.  

All in all it has been a really nice weekend.  There is still one more day left.  Tomorrow is bagel, beach and bath day for Bella but I think we will skip the beach.  Hey you never know we could change our minds. Hope you enjoy!