Monday, May 26, 2014

Birthday, bagel, boat, and beach!

It was a fun filled weekend I must say. Saturday was my birthday so my mom came over.  S, my mom and I had lunch and then we decide to take a drive to Topsail Island.  When we got there we walked around a few of the shops. The traffic was crazy! Beautiful weather and a holiday weekend  but the drive was still nice. When we got back to the house we had vegan cupcakes from Wholefoods. They were so adorable, I loved them         (see the picture above). They always do such an amazing job. After mom left S and I sat on the porch swing for the rest of the evening. All in all a great birthday. 
The balloon and flowers were pictures sent to me by S's very good friend. S and I always say that's the best kind. ;)

Sunday Funday also known as bagel, boat, beach and bath day for Bella. S got up and went to the local bagel shop and got bagels for the three of us (yes Bella gets a bagel, not the whole thing, just the egg and a little piece of the bagel). After we ate we loaded up and took the boat out for the first time in 2014. We timed our trip so the sandbar we like to walk on is exposed. The only time we can walk on it is during low tide, any other time it would be under 6-8 feet of water. 

I am standing by the boat in water almost up to my knees looking back at the sandbar. Last year we went to the sandbar 1-2 times and each time we were the only ones, this time 4-5 other boats showed up and a total of about 30 people were there. They really didn't come to the side we were on so Bella was still able to get out and run and boy did she run. Last year I found a few sand dollars that were already dead but I found a ton that were still living so I didn't take those. This year I was on a mission to see if I could find more. As I walked along  the shore of the actual underwater sandbar that shares it's space with us for brief moments at a time I think I see something in the ripple of the water. As I wait for the water to settle my excitement builds and sure enough it was the gem I was searching for, the sand dollar. No sooner had I picked that one up another one was almost right next to it. They seemed to be one right after another. Then nothing.  S and I both continued to look and together we found over 40. A few were very brittle and broke and we found several that were still living so I took them where the water was deeper and set them down gently. 

We found a few more after I took these pictures and then we decided to just sit and relax for a bit. After that we took the remainder of the sand dollars to the boat and went back to the beach to just walk around and let Bella run some more. I could tell the tide was starting to come in, where we were once walking was being covered with water. As we were headed back to the boat I happened to look down and found and empty sea urchin shell. So cool !

Never in a million years when I saw sand dollars and sea urchin shells in the beach tourist shops did I think I would be walking on the beach and finding them myself. How amazing. What an amazing day. 

Bella always has a great time. Next time I'm going to post a video of her running. She still isn't sure about the boat but she will get there. I don't think she will ever like bath time. 

Memorial Day Monday was an uneventful day. I spent 98% of the day in the house. S and I watched some TV shows and he did spend part of the day in the garage piddling. Rest and relaxation before another workweek starts. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well! Bye for now!