Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Second “Fun Day at Sea” and Debarkation

Second “Fun Day at Sea” and Debarkation
Sunday December 2, 2012 and Monday December 3, 2012
Sorry no pictures.
Well Sunday was the last full day on the cruise ship.  Sunrise was at 6:57 am and Sunset was at 5:13 pm.  As usual we woke up and went to the Windows on the Sea on the Lido deck to eat breakfast.  We walked around the ship and then made our way to the Universe Lounge to see the Towel-Folding class.  We didn’t participate we just watched.  It was neat to see how some of the more common items were created.  After the towel-folding class there was a silent debarkation presentation in the Universe Lounge which we decided to stay for and I am glad we did.  We learned exactly what we needed to do to have a speedy debarkation the next day.  I would recommend attendance if offered on any cruise.  After this we stopped in the gift shop to pick up some of the last minute items I had my eye on and then it was back to the cabin.  We packed all of our stuff and then went back to the Lido Deck for some lunch.  This day was very uneventful.  We basically just killed time.  Later we went to the Universe Lounge to see The Game of Love, Carnival’s version of the Newlywed Game, yet not so newlywed contestants.  Back to the room to find our final towel creation which was a large heart.  I have no idea why my pictures were not saved.  By day one I had already learned the entire layout of the ship so I pretty much knew where everything was and since S and I don’t really drink and we don’t gamble there wasn’t much else for us to do. 

Monday is here and all good things must come to an end.  Our time on the Carnival Fantasy was officially over.  We gave our amazing steward an extra tip the night before and I ask everyone do this because these people do not make a lot of money.  We got up early to get breakfast and then back to our cabin to collect our things.  We got in line and waited until we were allowed to disembark.  You do have to go through customs so keep that in mind.  Honestly I was happy to get off the ship.  It wasn’t a bad trip and I loved visiting the two ports of call, but I did find myself getting cabin fever no pun intended.  If we had better weather and had been able to sit by the pool or on one of the decks it may have been a different story.  I wish we had a balcony in our room.  I would have sat there and stared at the water and/or read a book all day.  This was not the case and as a result I got bored quickly.  A word to all future cruise ship travelers, if you are not big on gambling and/or drinking, spend that money on getting a cabin with a balcony, it would be worth it.  Everyone kept telling me to not spend the money because we would never be in the cabin.  Guess what, this was not the case.  There are only so many things to do before you run out of things to do and as a result S and I ended up spending a lot of time in our cabin.  It really depends on what you like to do and what ship you are on.  We didn’t have the best weather, so sitting out by the pool or on one of the decks really wasn’t comfortable and we didn’t have that liquid courage like what I would consider the majority of the other passengers.  I will never say never, but sitting here now I don’t think I would take another cruise.  I am so happy I had the opportunity and experience but I realized I am not a cruise person.  S realized, although he had been on a cruise before and felt he would enjoy going on another one, he is not a cruise person either.  By no means am I suggesting you not take a cruise.  If you have never been on one give it a try.  I would suggest you figure out what you like to do and cater your cruise to what you like to do.  We picked that cruise because it was a quick drive to Charleston, SC, S wasn’t sure I would like being on a ship (this one wasn’t a long cruise) and it was fairly inexpensive.  So this was it, the end of the journey.  I hoped everyone enjoyed it.