Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thursday November 29, 2012 Carnival Fantasy Fun Day at Sea

Fun Day At Sea!!!!!
My First Full Day On A Cruise Ship!

Towel Creation "The Frog"
Today on the Carnival Fantasy is one of two “Fun Day at Sea” Day’s.  Each day you are on the ship a Fun Times Newsletter is put in your room for the next day.  This gives you a list of what the top 10 things to do for the next day, what is going on in the casino, what is going on in way of music (DJ, piano bar, karaoke, etc.), child care, shopping on board, spa specials, what is going on in way of the main entertainment, a tear out list of times (morning, afternoon and evening) for different events taking place on the ship, the other side of the tear out list is where each of the meals will be held and what is being served and also listed the daily drink special (today’s: Caribbean Breeze), a for your information list with contact information for medical, guest services, towel hut (get beach towels, golf clubs, ping pong equipment, etc.), beach towels (you better return them or you are charged for them, and if you are going to be charged for one you should just order a brand new one you can take home still in the plastic), deck chairs (use them or lose them, after 40 minutes any items left unattended will be removed and kept at the towel station.  They were a little lax on this cruise because the weather wasn’t so everyone was standing in line fighting for a chair but bet you summer time your stuff would be packed ASAP.), room service (S and I were back and forth on this, yes it is FREE! Room service is included in what you pay for your cruise.  If you are running late, or get an urge late at night and don’t feel like leaving your room they have room service 24 hours a day.  They do ask that you extend a gratuity upon RECEIVING service.  PLEASE do this.  These people that work on these ships work hard and contrary to what you think they do NOT make a lot of money, they really depend on the tips.), on air (these are the stations on the T.V. that have all the information about the ship and what is going on daily), sail and sign kiosks (get all the information you need about your card and what it has been used for, you can even print statements), smoking areas, cellular phone service (can be expensive, turned mine off and it stayed off), phoning home, Wi-Fi (on vacation, stayed away from computer, that is why the posts are coming a week late J oh and did I mention it can get costly?), help line, list of hours of operation.
S and I decided we didn’t want to do any excursions in Nassau or Freeport we were just going to look around on our own but after attended a “Fun Ashore & Fun Aboard” presentation given by the cruise director Risa (which by the way she was great) we decided it would be best if we booked something for Freeport (which we did).  The presentation we attended basically just gave the run down on things to do on the ship on some of the top excursions to do at each port of call.  S didn’t want to go at first and I am really glad I didn’t listen because, well you will just have to wait until the post on Freeport.  Later in the day after we had lunch we stopped by the pool to hang out.  It was still chilly for me unless you were directly in the sun which kept going behind clouds, so I stayed in my nice warm jacket.  Day 2 no bathing suit and no tan lines, so we stood in the back of the lido deck by the side bar and watch 6 men get judged by 3 women in a “hairy” chest contest.  It really wasn’t a hairy chest contest it was we are going to get these 6 grown men to dance across the stage for the audience and end up dancing for each of these women with their shirts off and at some point the winner is crowned.  There were a few times I couldn’t help but laugh.  A little later the cloud coverage became a little heavier, wind a little windier and some of the seats opened up so S and I grabbed a couple.  We sat outside for about an hour until I got too chilly and then we went in.
The entire ship has photographers set up with different backdrops for you to have your picture and this night happened to be Evening of Elegance so everyone had to dress up for the dining room, if they ate in the dining room.  S and I didn’t.  There were people that had huge packages of pictures over the next few days.  I know how much it was just for one of the pictures I can’t imagine how much these people spent on all of these pictures. 
Anyway after dinner we went to the show in the Universe Lounge.  It was pretty good.  It had a few good songs.  YMCA (the male Fantasy Dancers came out dressed like the Village People), Do You Believe in Life After Love by Cher (this was neat, the lead singer Jennie was dressed in a Bob Mackie type outfit and she was standing on a platform that lifted her up off the stage), Copacabana (the dancers wore cute bright little outfits) and this is to just name a few.
After the show we walked around for a bit to kill time because we wanted to go see one of the comedians.  When we got to the area where he would be performing the line was backed up so far we decided we would skip it.  We ended up going to watch some Karaoke in the Cat’s Lounge.  Bless their hearts.  That is all I can say.  Don’t get me wrong.  There were some that were really good.  We stayed here for a couple hours and then went back to the cabin to go to sleep.
Nassau Bahamas tomorrow!!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoy.